Sunday, July 24, 2005

Too... Many... PROVERBS!

Ghost in the Shell 2 is amazingly beautiful. If not for the story watch for the animation. Holy crap.

There were crap loads of scenes that seemed totally pointless to the movie but I guess they actually were vital in telling the audience just kind of world Ghost in the Shell sets itself in and allows us to view our own under a slightly different light.

Oh yeah and there was like a proverb to ponder every 5 minutes. It was sort of odd but it's just one of those Jap movies... what can you do.

Could totally watch this movie again. DVD worthy? I dunno. I'll have to watch the first one again.

Oh yeah and this isn't a total mindfuck as one would think. So go watch it :P

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Anonymous said...

You totally misinterpreted the movie if you just watched it for the animations...

The story is the animation and the proverbs are the to explain the deep relationships between the characters and their own existence. They aren't just doing it for obscurity if that's what you mean by "it's just one of those Jap movies"..