Friday, December 23, 2005

Leading to this new theory

So there's this 40 year old guy at work with 3 kids. He's sitting at Happy Hour with my Coop and he's like...

"So who was that hot blonde chick you brought over to my house the other day? (in reference to his xmas party earlier)... noticed that tatoo she's got on her lower back... like a freaking BULLS EYE! My wife had one on her hip when she was younger... man... after three kids, it's a freaking BOUQUET."

Oh man... the people I know... This is a ridiculous contrast to say... talking about social issues at Kathy/Simon's party?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Roth 401k

Roth 401k

Gah I'm becoming my parents. But in all seriousness to all you kids out there, it's all about the slowly but surely as early as possible.

And all you people my age who are millionaires... screw you :P

Monday, December 05, 2005

S.P.L. after Seven Swords

Man, if I didn't see S.P.L. after Seven Swords, it would have sucked. Despite the fact that Sammo Hung AND Donnie Yen were in it, it was just plain stupid. But alas, it's pretty good compared to other HK movies.


Seven Swords so sucked it. Worst HK movie EVER. Based on a Korean series that was yet another repackaged version of Seven Samurai. Man. Tsui Hark is melodramatic like nobody's business. And to top it all off, the fighting sucked. SPL fights were pretty sweet, but not often enough. If you're gonna give me crappy ass storylines and crappy ass character development, you'd better fill it with ridiculous fights!

Ah wells.