Wednesday, July 20, 2005


AMERICA! fuck YEAH! Coming again to save the motherfucking DAY YEAH.

Alright so I'm an immature bastard who's had that song stuck in his head all week. Holy crap such a bad movie in the most offensive sense.

Random pitch for Boeing: Boeing's having the X-45c full size model present at the premiere of STEALTH. Keep an eye out for it on Headline news or something because ALLAN is working on the TRAINER for that thing. So if it ever goes rogue it's Allan's fault. But in all seriousness... how silly is the premise. It's like:

if (struck by lightning)
go rogue and take shit out with a bad ass rotary rocket launcher.

I dunno I can see this movie taking a whole Asimov-esque twist.

Oh and kevin sent this video link which is pretty hot:
But it's a bitch to play so if you're nerdy check it out.

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