Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tracking Multiple Sprint Teams with a Common Goal

... or rather, a goal that YOU have that you're depending on other teams to accomplish for you...

So one thing I feel that people using JIRA Agile should get used to is the notion of building and breaking down Agile boards for targeted efforts to allow them to track something very specific and eventually just get rid of the board when they're done with it.

Here's a query:

"Epic Link" in (EPIC-1, EPIC-2, EPIC-3, EPIC-4) OR issue in (EPIC-1, EPIC-2, EPIC-3, EPIC-4) OR labels = myEffortLabel ORDER BY Rank ASC

What this query essentially means is "Give me these Epics, give me the Issues in these Epics, and give me any issue that I happen to label it.

This gives you a quick and hopefully, targeted view of a set of milestones in the form of Epics that you and other teams are driving towards. My personal observation is that the majority of teams pretty much ignore epics and epic links anyway, so establishing this linkage to the actual stories that they are working on should have minimal impact.

At the very least, you can keep an eye on the general progress of a concerted effort.

Just remember to clean up after yourself and delete the agile board when it's all said and done!

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