Sunday, December 07, 2014

Searching Pull Requests in Stash - You Don't

A pretty popular JIRA Issue for the Stash project is this guy, STASH-3856:

Specifically, the only reason why I'm searching for a pull request after the fact is to see if there were any conversation regarding a particular design decision or if there were any explicit things that were abstained from for later work.

Also, it's a super quick way to see when a given feature was merged into a particular branch like Master.

With that said, chances are, you're using JIRA alongside Stash.  Let's be honest, the only reason to use Stash over other solutions is for its JIRA integrations.  If your issues are directly associated with your Pull Requests, you should then be able to easily search your JIRA issues using its robust search features.

JIRA Development Panel
So unfortunately, if you're eagerly awaiting STASH-3856 to be implemented, I highly doubt that they're going to accomplish this any time soon.  There are definitely some Stash specific searches that would be nice, such as when a pull request's been merged or dismissed and when it's been updated.  However, until then searching for the JIRA issue can resolve the vast majority of people's use cases.

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