Monday, March 17, 2014

Random JIRA Shenanigans #1 - Development Panel

I've decided to start putting in random JIRA configuration notes in here that may be of use to some people: JIRA's 6.2 release has a pretty sweet feature called the Development Panel with a lot of great features if you're using Stash and other git tools.
Unfortunately, we're not using any of those tools.

 BUT, we are using Fisheye 3.3.1 and the big bonus with this feature is that it explicitly shows us the branches an issue is being worked on. Technically, because we're using Gitflow, it shoooould be one branch...

Either way there were a couple of finicky things that we had to do that wasn't explicit in the documentation to make existing integrations with Fisheye/Crucible continue to work as expected.

Initial Configuration

  • Fully Trusted Applications Links between JIRA and Fisheye
  • All Users in Fisheye are in JIRA (but not the other way around.)  Fisheye uses JIRA User Directory for Authentication
Final Configuration
  • Edited Application Link between JIRA and Fisheye
    • Disabled Trusted Application Link
    • Enabled 2-Leg OAUTH
      • Impersonation Enabled.
The first finickiness was that I didn't have Trusted Applications disabled in the Application Link.  This prevented the Development Panel to show up to begin with.  A quick hit on Atlassian Answers gave me an answer:

The next thing, however, was a little odd.  I did not have Impersonation Enabled with 2-leg OAUTH.  In hindsight I don't even know why I didn't do it, but when people were attempting to close their code reviews in Crucible, they were seeing this guy:

Fisheye was having an issue getting specific data for an issue in JIRA.  Enabling impersonation did the trick to allow users to transition the appropriately linked issue if so desired.  Specifically, because Fisheye's user base is entirely based off of JIRA's user base, we didn't have any issue with Fisheye utilizing this feature when interacting with JIRA.


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