Friday, October 05, 2012

Coworker:  Hey.  (says something indecipherable)

Me:  Huh?

Coworker:  What?  You don't know?  (says it again)

Me:  I totally don't know what you're trying to say.

Coworker:  Awww c'mon...(takes a swig of orange juice, looking at me expectantly)

me: Are you trying to say Orange in Mandarin?

Coworker:  That's what I said.  (says that indecipherable thing again)

Me:  No, it's (Orange in Mandarin)

Coworker:   ?  (Says something closer but not quite)

Me:   (Whips out phone and open Google Translate) No... see?  (says Orange in Mandarin to the phone)

Phone:  Orange!

Coworker: (tries to say it to the phone)

Phone:  Meeting!

Coworker: (Tries again)

Phone:  Alley!

Coworker:  That phone is defective.


Craig Buchek said...

I thought the punchline was going to be that you don't speak Chinese. Or at least not the dialect he was trying to speak.

Grumpasaurus said...

That would have been equally if not more hilarious.

Actually that has happened to me in Elementary School. A lot. That wasn't so funny.

Grumpasaurus said...

Oh to clarify, in Elementary school it would be some Japanese or whatever term someone may have heard at Taekwondo class or some dubbed Chinese movie.

Grumpasaurus said...
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