Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not-So-Random Gripe: Inaccurate Data on the Internets

Ok so while I was writing up the yet-to-be-finished post, I soon realized that a crap load of them menu websites are pretty much throwing in the towel and turned to this service called "SinglePlatform."

Now that's great because there's nothing more annoying than ensuring that things are updated on multiple websites, but I do have to gripe about the inaccurate menu that Single Platform did for the website:

Ok so the page is pretty blurry, but it's the same freaking menu for two restaurants, one being the Gumbo Shop in St. Louis and the other being ONE of the Gumbo Shops in New Orleans.  I'm sure this service is new and all, but at least have the quality control to simply say "we don't have the data for this restaurant."  It's understandable if you bought bad data from them business listing services (they really do suck), but I'm making an uninformed conclusion that this involves some silly assumption likely done by some code doing a massive data dump that matched a menu with said restaurant.

This is probably one of the most annoying things about Web 2.0 sites in general, as it's created a complacency of "we'll put up inaccurate stuff and the people will correct it" bullcrap.

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