Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Kevin:  oh welp
man im looking up instructions to this apartment and my eye happened to fall on one part which was
"Turn right onto Cheesequake Road."
and i was just like...cheesequake road?
 me:  that's an awesome name
is it like this magical cheese place?
 Kevin:  i have no clue i wonder if it's even pronounced like that or it's some silly native american pronnounciation we don't know
chessequack or something
 me:  that would make sense
but Cheesequake is way more awesome
it makes me think of Rescue Rangers and how cheese always looked so delicious...
 Kevin:  mice cartoons made cheese
look amazing
just like...pooh cartoons made honey look amazing
 me:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARqOxtNIMJ0
Andy's Cheese Reality feat. David
 Sent at 8:58 AM on Tuesday
 Kevin:  haha i always wondered
"why would you drop a safe on someone then shoot suction cups?!"
 me:  hahahaha
 Sent at 9:01 AM on Tuesday
 Kevin:  pretty sure there wree sequences like that with anvils too
anvil falls -> suction cups or arrows
like no that's not how it should workkkkkkkk
you aim next to it!

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