Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New White Flight

This article talks about how some schools are becoming increasingly Asian and how parents, White and Asian alike, are getting worried.

Schools with more emphasis on Sciences and Math
Schools with less emphasis on Sports, which, I have to admit, is pretty important.
Schools with seemingly more academic competitiveness amongst students.

I dunno I guess parents do have a right to be worried about it. White parents are worried that the schools a too academically competitive. Asian parents are worried that their kids get too used to Asians always being around and will totally freak out if they end up in a place like... St. Louis :P

I do think, however, that parents have as much responsibility to "train" their kids for the outside world as much as their everyday social environment. And in all seriousness: If you have a kid who spends all his/her time with Asian kids and he/she doesn't know how to act around... non-Asian people... I dunno what to say... there's something odd there.

Also, the "White is Dumb" thing is pretty stupid. But then again, these are high school kids.

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