Sunday, October 23, 2005

Visitors and seeing more of St. Louis

So Vince and Byron came in and we spent an unusually large amount of time totally wasting money on carny games. Bastard light game at Ameristar... *shakes fist*

Ate lots. Drank lots of beer... and got to hear of Titi's taking Byron to the Vault without his being able to appreciate the... uh... view ;P

And holy crap, the City Museum in St. Louis is like the coolest thing ever. It is like the ultimate playground that we all dreamed of making an obstacle course of. You come to st. louis.... you're going there. No arguments.

You know it's funny how things change so much and it's definitely an awesome thing to get to talk with people and talk about the things that are going on in our lives. After college we've all dispersed around the country/world and have been experiencing all these different things that have been morphing us into whatever we'll become. Things have changed so much for all of us in the past couple months, let alone in the time it's been since many of us have graduated...mind boggling.

Don't be a stranger. :P

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