Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have this friend named Joan. She's doing Teach for American now with 6th graders. She is also known as "Manisha's roommate." We both agree that if the other and Manisha were drowning, we would save Manisha.

Joan enjoys good food and likes Ice wine from Ithaca.

Joan went to UPenn.

Joan is from nearby Philadelphia.

Joan is Korean.

Joan enjoys different cultures.

Joan likes nature.

Joan likes long drives with the windows down.

Hanging out with Joan is cool.

Joan is somewhat of a romantic.

Joan doesn't like getting mentioned in blogs.

Joan's AIM (10:08:06 PM): by the way allan
Joan's AIM (10:08:09 PM): you forgot to mention
Joan's AIM (10:08:30 PM): "when i first met joan, i thought to myself, 'she's not as hot as i thought she would be.' and then felt the need to tell her so."

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