Tuesday, September 13, 2005

San Francisco and the Sis

Went to visit Carol (the sister) at San Francisco over the weekend and it was a quality weekend. She lives in the Marina(?) *map with arrow pointed at spot* area in San Fran and we biked across the Golden Gate to Sausalito *map* and had ice cream. *pic of blueberry cheesecake ice cream*

Example of me being me: I've been to Sausalito before and all I wanted to do was to have the exact same ice cream at the exact same ice cream place there. Didn't have to do ANYTHING else. And we didn't. We continued on to Tiburon *map*, bummed at a cafe *pic*, and road the ferry back to one of the piers.

*map of route taken*

Ate some decent food.

Met up with Manisha (*think awesome ass windows from pic post*) and had brunch...QUALITY SCONES... took her to Chinatown into butcher shops... (sorry, Manisha) and later cooked for Sis's friends. The friends were cool people.

But yeah got to spend time with the sis whom I don't see very much anymore so it was a pretty awesome time. Though I'm still freaking tired and my week is chock full of stuff... but alas.

Oh yeah kept forgetting to take pictures and I'm really too lazy to grab maps but you can picture it all in your minds.

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