Monday, June 20, 2005

Batman builds a house for the needy at UIUC while watching anime and eating Dim Sum at Lu Lu's.

Batman Begins: BEST BATMAN MOVIE EVER. A Good movie? Eh.... it's pretty good :P It's obviously setting precedence for a sequel (durhur... "Begins") and it was pretty slow and needed to wrap up things quickly to avoid a movie that's way too long. Alas. But you really got to start worrying when you're thinking that you'd rather see a movie set up into 26 episodes ><

Habitat for Humanity: Good exercise. Learned some stuff. Did some good for decent people who deserve help who need a break. Got a warm fuzzy when being thanked by the lady getting the house... but was pretty damned tired afterwards. Would I do it again? Prob not. I'm a horrible bastard.

UIUC: Holy crap campus and campustown is shit loads better than it used to be. Damnit. Bully for my html skills.

Yakitate: Right now the anime that I anticipate the most for its next episode is Yakitate! Japan. How sad is that. I think I'm gonna try that bread recipe with Anna's rice cooker.

Dim Sum: Alas... crazy people who aren't used to eating funky chinese food and worry too much about prices... Cool people. Wrong lunch place to bring them to. Note to self: Stick to wings and beer.

Lu Lu's: The place where we had dim sum. QUALITY DIM SUM. Just don't go there with a group of five. You'll totally get shafted in the table wait and it'll be stuck in the corner where the waitresses can't see you. Will definitely go again if I can ever convince anyone else to go. They're supposed to have a lot of other good chinese dishes as well but you can tell it's trying to cater to the White folk with loads of pictures in the menu. A nice touch. They're supposed to have an "unwritten" menu that so many other places have as well.

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