Sunday, April 17, 2005

Green Curry.... auuugggghhhh

Champaign was a pretty good food town. It's got some awesome mexican... some pretty good japanese... and some nice chinese food. It's got one of the best reubens too ;P.

But one thing that never failed to disappoint was Thai food. ONE place had some good stir fried food like pad thai (GOLDEN WOK) on the cheap but the one thing I enjoyed the most of thai food was green curry. Green curry sucked at all the thai places I tried in champaign. It was a sad time, indeed.

Now I live in a burb that mostly consists of chain restaurants with a small collection of really really nice restaurants (Bellagio? Ichiban? Spiros?). But the thing that pissed me off about the area was the asian food. But man... Thai Bur-ree has some nice food. They could definitely work on the service, but that green curry was by far the best green curry that I've had in the midwest. Granted, I haven't been to any Thai places in St. Louis proper.

Which leads to the question. Should I move closer to the city? More young people... more restaurants... closer to specialty grocery stores and farmers markets...

Gonna make a spreadsheet on this. But yeah Thai Bur-ree is the rocks. Shit I'm starting to type like Kevin.

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