Saturday, April 02, 2005

Adaptation, The Upside of Anger, and Sin City

Charlie Kaufman does some crazy soul searching in this movie that makes you appreciate his crazy mind but also makes you wish you spent your time doing something else like watching anime... about BREAD.

I still don't forgive Joan Allen for being in Ethan Frome. Everyone who was in that movie should die horrible deaths in the rest of their films. Like that british guy who was qui gon. But alas... this was a pretty darned good movie... one that I can actually recommend to my coworkers for its... how do you say it... more mature nature. Mature as in senior mature... not boobies mature.

Now Sin City's got boobies. Lots of them. Definitely for people who like melodramatic eye candy... and violence. Lots of violence. Definitely a dvd worthy movie. But yeah I can understand how one can not appreciate it because it's definitely a guy's movie. Did I mention that it has lots of boobies?

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