Sunday, January 23, 2005


Man... I got my first ever speeding ticket today. Driving 80 in a 65 mph zone. What are you gonna do. Oh well. This weekend consisted of eating really good guacamole and reading a really good book with anna. Yes... the books that she picks out for me to read are really good, damnit. :P

So yeah another weekend come and gone and it's about time to start thinking about the next weekend... hopefully I'll be getting a visit? yes? oh yeah the whole moving thing's gonna be a pain but what can you do.

Nerdy time: What is with people liking Air so much? I don't think it's that great! "it's well done" or "it looks amazing" pshaw. It's about some dude who can move dolls with his mind, damnit! ok now I'm gonna watch episode 3 and then football to convince myself that I'm not a tool.

Alright so I'm paying more and more attention to sports so that I can have some common ground with the older folks... being a tool it is. :P

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